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About Jill

Jill Gockel is a certified mentor, business coach, and mom of four amazing kids. When her twins came along, she suddenly found herself as a mom of four kids ages 5 and under. Luckily she had the tools in place to find joy in the chaos.

She has a heart for moms and helping them learn to balance being present with their kids while growing a successful business or career. One of the things she specializes in is how to get out of debt without feeling strained or stressed.

Follow her blog & social media to find out her latest tips on simplifying business strategies, stress-free parenting tips, & making financial freedom attainable.

She offers a membership group for a deeper dive into each of these areas & courses that hone in on teaching specialized skills. She also mentors students in Mom Mastery University & works with personal clients one-on-one.

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